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Our foundation is built on a proven heritage of quality, service, and contribution. And even though our roots go back nearly 70 years, we’re just getting started.

Impetus has become a leader in the construction industry by challenging the status quo.

We have a unique, renegade mentality that empowers each of us to relentlessly pursue value from concept through completion. This is how we build relationships and set a new standard in construction.


The company was founded in 1950 by Warren Palmisano Sr. following his return from World War 11.

He built up operations with his strong work ethic and an adventurous spirit. The company started as a family business that relied exclusively on word-of-mouth referrals.

In 2013, Palmisano entered a new chapter and shifted from a small residential builder to a large-scale commercial construction company. The mission for the new company: build a better world.

As the company continued to grow, we recognized that our next chapter included an evolution of our brand to better reflect our mission and goals. While Palmisano was established with a desire to challenge the status quo and build a better world, we started in a manner similar to the vast majority of construction companies being named after the Founder.  On the quest to Break New Ground, Palmisano rebranded as Impetus in 2021.  This new identity embodies our ethos; one that is representative of forward momentum in the construction industry.

Just as in the early days, Impetus continues to honor the timeless principles of hard work and team work, and the company’s unparalleled reputation drives its growth.

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Our Founder’s Values


Warren Sr. embraced challenges and remained motivated by taking on more and more responsibility throughout his life. In career, marriage and fatherhood, he was always outdoing himself.


He rarely spoke of the many sacrifices he made for his country. He knew that what he did when no one was looking remained most important in life.


To Warren Sr., if it didn’t make sense, it didn’t make dollars. Impetus (formerly Palmisano) is a business built on common sense and frugality, and will always remain so.


Everything he did, he did it big. Don’t start what you can’t finish, and finish strong.

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The Journey

1943 – 1945
Warren Sr. Serves in the Army in Europe
1950 – 2012
Warren Sr. opens W.J. Palmisano Contractors. His two sons, Warren Jr. and Rodney, lead the residential firm from 1982 – 2013. In 2012, Warren Sr. passes away.
The beginning of a new era at Palmisano – an ambitious new business plan is laid out by Wesley J. Palmisano on April 9, 2013; team grows to 11 people. Palmisano finds success with its first commercial project, Fulton Alley.
The Palmisano Foundation is established and PlayBuild is completed as the first major donation; Palmisano adds a Civil division; team expands to 53 people.
Palmisano Celebrates 5 years since its rebirth and moves into its newly constructed office on the Tchoupitoulas Riverfront; team grows to 120 people.
Palmisano adds Concrete, Carpentry, and Drywall to its Self-perform division. The company hosts the first annual Renegade Fest, raising $27,000 to benefit Youth Rebuilding New Orleans; team grows to 140 people.
Palmisano expands geographically by opening offices in Nashville, TN and Salt Lake City, UT. Palmisano rebrands as Impetus.