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What We Do

As a True Builder, we take a multidisciplinary approach and drive against the grain to maintain the skill sets necessary to effectively work on every part of our projects.


Our renegade mentality challenges the traditional approach to construction, enabling us to deliver the highest quality work on-time and on-budget, and eliminate uncertainty, delay, overruns, and compromises throughout the construction lifecycle. We’ve structured our organization to be a comprehensive partner for our clients. Our relationships throughout the construction industry enable us to professionally coordinate every step of a project, eliminating rework and overcoming obstacles along the way.


With every road, bridge, and public space we repair and revitalize, we know our efforts move our communities forward. More than strengthening infrastructure, we’re creating the enduring foundations that future generations will come to rely upon.


Because not all projects are created equal, we maintain an industry-disrupting flexibility that enables our clients to choose the services they need from us, knowing they will receive the same quality and workmanship throughout the entire project. Whether it involves a reduced timeline or a unique building need, we find every way to create value for our clients.


We give our clients the advantage of more efficient, consistent and cost-effective building with our industrialized construction services. Developed by RNGD, our standalone R&D division, we offer full-service custom fabrication, prefab, manufacturing, assembly, design, and technology to build faster and better.

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If you’re looking for a partner with the vision, ambition, and talent to bring your project to life, we’re ready with a renegade mentality and relentless commitment to hard work to create the most value for you.